Why Work With OMAC?

In a competitive world where claims heroes are fighting to protect their desks from menacing claims loads, OMAC can help!  Here’s how:

Quality IME reports begin with quality medical examiners and OMAC recruits only credentialed, highly qualified examiners for IMEs.   OMAC medical quality experts carefully read every report we produce cover to cover  to ensure accuracy and completeness.  The time we spend on quality is the time our clients save on costly follow-up and clarification.

At OMAC, innovation means continually finding ways to make our services better, more efficient and easier for our clients. OMAC was the first Northwest IME company with online member services giving claims managers the ability to schedule and track report status online and directly download final reports.  Through unique tools and services such as our cover letter writing wizard,  OMAC helps clients save time and money on difficult injury cases while producing better results for claimants as well.

Customer service infuses everything we do at OMAC. From finding unique medical specialists to providing every examinee with a reminder call, we are always willing to help our client. In every instance, clients, physicians and examinees will be treated with the utmost care, dignity and respect.

OMAC services are available in local clinics throughout Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Utah.  To accommodate the needs of working professionals, we offer evening and weekend appointments in many locations.  Whatever the specialist or location needed,  exam scheduling can be handled with one toll free call to our Seattle office.

With over 30 years of experience, we understand the unique challenges associated with translating medical opinion into actionable claims and legal information. If you need to resolve, settle and close a complex injury case, let us put our experience to work for you.