OMAC Services

OMAC provides objective medical information for claims and legal professionals who want to make confident decisions. We endeavor to serve both the claims community and injured parties with the highest level of integrity and customer service.  And with our quality, timeliness and added services such as Extended Travel Arrangements (ETA) we want to make every claims professional into a claims hero.

Independent Medical Evaluations
Medical Records Reviews
Additional Services

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

An IME is a thorough medical assessment performed by one or more expert physicians who have no treating relationship to the examinee and no fiduciary relationship to the client who orders the exam. To create the report, OMAC providers review all provided medical records and diagnostic tests, interview the examinee and perform a careful physical exam in a professional, medical facility.

In short, an IME provides an objective, defensible medical opinion suitable for making claim related decisions such as:

  • The cause and extent of an injury
  • The need for additional medical treatment
  • Resolution to conflicting medical opinions
  • Ratings for permanent partial disability

Medical Records Reviews

In many situations, an OMAC Records Review is a cost effective way to understand the current medical status of a claim when a physical exam is not feasible. A Record Review is also a good way to ensure medical review from a credentialed physician unaffiliated with any particular medical community. Using existing medical records, an OMAC Physician performs a complete and detailed case review. Special attention is paid to the mechanism of injury and the subsequent sequence of events regarding medical treatment.

OMAC Medical Record Reviews can help:

  • Determine the most responsible course of treatment
  • Segregate many pre-existing medical conditions
  • Provide insight into diagnosis and injury causation

Additional Services

OMAC offers many additional types of evaluative and ancillary services including:

  • Physical Capacities Evaluations
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • Extended Travel Arrangements (ETA) for examinees
  • Claims and Medical Seminars
  • Medical Records Preparation