About your IME


What is an IME (Independent Medical Exam)?
An IME is a thorough medical assessment of your injuries or condition performed by one or more specialists who are not affiliated with you or your claims manager. The IME includes a complete review of your medical history, an examination and in some cases additional diagnostic testing. An IME also seeks to answer specific questions about your case such as the nature or extent of your injuries, whether you are able to return to work with or without restrictions, or whether additional medical treatment or surgery is medically indicated. At OMAC, our job is to facilitate an un-biased, truthful report of your condition.

Why have I been scheduled for an IME?
There are several possible reasons why you may be scheduled for an OMAC IME. Typically, your company or claims manager is trying to better understand the cause and extent of your injury and the best course of treatment. Oftentimes an IME is helpful in evaluating the need for surgery, or providing another medical opinion when there is some confusion or disagreement among those who have previously evaluated your condition.

For more information on the specifics of your exam, you may wish to contact the person who scheduled the appointment for you. Your claims manager should be happy to discuss with you the specific goals of your IME.

How can OMAC be objective?
OMAC uses respected licensed physicians. In most cases, these physicians have spent years in an active medical practice treating patients and are certified by the national board of their medical specialty. These doctors are not employed by OMAC, but work as independent contractors, chosen for their expertise, professional qualifications and objectivity.

OMAC’s physicians and consultants offer an outsider’s viewpoint, but that does not mean they care any less about your health. OMAC, our physicians, and our consultants are committed to providing an honest and thorough opinion based on medical facts and your own medical history.

OMAC has been performing IME’s for over 30 years. We understand that our reputation is the most important asset we hold and being completely fair and impartial is the best way to ensure we will still be providing quality services for many years to come.

What should I expect on the day of the exam?
An IME includes a medical history, discussion and exam of the injury in question, and a general physical. Be prepared to spend up to 2 hours in our office. It takes more or less time depending upon the extent of your injury or injuries, the number of doctors you are seeing and any additional diagnostic testing.

Typically, we schedule exams in one of our clinics, but if your exam is with a specialist who must use his own equipment, the exam may be in his or her office. If needed, other tests (x-rays, lab work, EMGs, etc.) may be scheduled in a separate facility.

Above all, you will be treated with the utmost care and respect by our staff and physician consultants.

When will I know the results?
OMAC reports are mailed to the person or company that asked for the exam within 2 weeks of your visit. We are not allowed to send the reports to any other person. If more records or tests are needed, additional time may be required for the doctors to review and comment on their findings.

Our Quality Assurance Department will review your report to make sure we have answered the questions raised about your injury. If you need a copy of the report or have any questions about your exam, please contact the person who scheduled your exam.

Important Reminders:

  • Remember to fill out the patient exam forms that were included in your reminder letter and bring them with you. It is important for the doctor to have this information to accurately evaluate your health.
  • Although we will give you a gown, you may want to bring a pair of loose fitting shorts to wear during the exam.
  • If you have had tests or x-rays within the last 6 months that may not be included with your medical records, please bring them yourself. These may be important for your exam.
  • Please do not bring children, since we cannot provide child care services. If you must bring children, please try to have a friend or relative watch them in the waiting room. Children will not be allowed in the exam room.
  • Please talk openly with the doctors. They are there to listen and help.

Examinee Materials: